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Renovate the backyard or the front first?

Community Manager Jason
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Renovate the backyard or the front first?

I apologise to our neighbours every time I see them at the moment. Our front yard is a disaster zone, including a portable toilet for the builders, an old basketball ring, lots of building materials, and plenty of rubbish. The house doesn't exactly have much "street appeal".


Of course, we do want to get stuck into it as soon as time (and funds) allow. We have had plans to improve the front garden and driveway for many years. But I'm glad we decided to tackle the backyard first considering the chaos of recent months.


I'm keen to hear from you about where your priority lies and what you think is the best order for tackling the front and backyards. Have you renovated the front of your house and garden before the back in order to improve its street appeal? Or do you care more about creating a private sanctuary in the backyard? 


Let us know in the discussion below.



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Re: Renovate the backyard or the front first?

If you're planning to sell, then the front really matters. First impressions count for a lot. If you have no plans to move, then spend your cash out back where you will get all the benefit and enjoyment rather than your neighbours!

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Re: Renovate the backyard or the front first?

Not doing the front is problematic as I would have to walk past it every day. The backyard is easier to hide and forget about.

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Re: Renovate the backyard or the front first?

Whichever space you're going to spend the most time in. Over the past few months we've done a stack of work in our backyard, which was a pretty blank and boring canvas, and we're loving it. Since making the changes - new deck, gardens, cubby - everyone is spending more time outside.

Unless of course you're planning to sell and then I agree with @Kermit and focus on improving your street appeal

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