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Preventing possums from eating produce


Preventing possums from eating produce

how can Brisbane residents prevent possums eating their garden produce?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Preventing possums from eating produce

Welcome to Workshop @johnpietila


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with possums. What are you growing that they like to eat? I'm sure Workshop members will be happy to help. There's also plenty of tips in this older discussion - Your tips for keeping possums away.


Feel free to post on Workshop anytime you need a hand or have something to share. We look forward to reading about your projects and plans, and are confident that our community will provide plenty of helpful tips, information and inspiration along the way. 


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Moderator Deanna

Re: Preventing possums from eating produce

Hi @johnpietila


I'm a wildlife rescuer/carer and I currently have two possums rehabilitating in my backyard  LOL

Have a read of this article as it has some good suggestions:
Living with Possums


Good luck!


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Valued Contributor

Re: Preventing possums from eating produce

What are they eating @johnpietila? Can you tell us a bit about your vegie garden so we can provide some advice? Have you tried nets or any deterrents so far? Odour repellants can work.


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