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Perma timber vs Ekodeck

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Perma timber vs Ekodeck

Just wondering if anyone has used Perma timber and are there any reviews around vs Eko deck? Any advice would be great.

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck

Good question @baza, I'm sure plenty of community members will be interested in this topic. Is this for your proposed "ground-level deck"?


Let me tag a few members who I believe have used composite boards in projects:




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Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck

Cheers Jason,

Yes I have been asking the guys at work and I’m getting mixed responses in regards to both products. I thought there would be a few people on here who would’ve been down this track before.
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Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck

Hi @baza, I've used Ekodeck before but not perma timber. After doing a bit of research I think they are pretty much the same thing but Ekodeck might be a little cheaper (although there's no pricing on the permatimber website which is annoying!). I only used Ekodeck becaue it was just easier for me to pick it up from my local Bunnings rather than trying to find a Statco or Bowens or ordering it online

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Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck

Hey @baza,
Good question!
I've used the Eko products & ModWood but not Perma. In-fact hadn't heard of it until your post.

It sounds very similar to the others so may just come down to pricing, size, availability & colour.
Can they send you a sample? (I know Eko will) This would allow you to do some simple tests yourself - ease of drilling & screwing, ease of cutting & quality of cut, abrasion resistance - are a few that spring to mind.

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Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck

I've used Permatimber batten cladding @baza, not decking. Good product and good people to deal with over here in Perth. I'll be using the cladding on my new house too.

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Re: Perma timber vs Eko deck


I ended up not being able to use this type of decking due to bushfire requirements, so even though I investigated it, my experience with it is very limited. I had to end up using some Aussie hardwood which is now aging just fine and not even looking like splintering.

Thanks for including me in the conversation though.

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