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Pergola / Patio in a Rental

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Pergola / Patio in a Rental

Hey All,


My first post here... just after some advice or recommendations. We're moving into a rental this week, the house is great but there is no patio / pergola / alfresco area. The owner has put down some decking of sorts, which should be just enough for us to put our BBQ on.


I'm thinking of putting up either 2 gazebos (3m X 3m each making a 6m x 3m cover), or some sort of semi-temporary structure so that we can use the area outside over our wet season of winter. Has anyone previously had to deal with anything like this.


We're planning to only be in the house for 18-24 months while we sort out our deposit and start building our house (with a massive alfresco), so we'd like something that will last that long at least and won't blow away in the first winter storm that comes along.


I'm very capable with the tools having worked in a few trades, so don't mind building something that I can then dismantle at the end of the lease and take with us.


- paul

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Re: Pergola / Patio in a Rental

Hi Paul (@paulmp),


Welcome to Workshop. We hope you receive lots of great advice and inspiration from our community members. We have lots of creative and helpful members who are always happy to share their knowledge and experience, and it sounds like you have plenty to offer, too. 


This sounds like a great project, and I hope you'll get some useful suggestions. It might help though if you put up a couple of photos of the area you are working with. What's there currently and what were you planning to use as the base?  


Thanks again for joining us, and please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.



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Re: Pergola / Patio in a Rental

I wonder if you could talk to the landlord @paulmp? They might want you to build something permanent that will improve the house. You could perhaps negotiate a discount on your rent for organising it or building it. I would have thought that it would be unlikely that something you build for one property would be suitable for another.

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Re: Pergola / Patio in a Rental

The owner of this place won't even put on a security screen door on the front door unfortunately.

We're all moved in now, the rear yard actually has paving and a solid base that I can build a freestanding cover on. I've put together a bit of a plan, looking at 4-6 upright posts, 4 main beams along the top, 6 smaller cross beams and then some colour bond on top.


Assuming I get the bracing right, it should be very steady. I'm working on anchoring it down somehow as well.


I'll post a photo of the area I'm working with shortly.

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