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Pallet D.I.Y. projects

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Re: Pallet D.I.Y. Projects

I wish someone could do a pallet class on their backyard. So much to learn.


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Re: Pallet D.I.Y. Projects

Hi @Vicki65 where are you located? I would be happy to run some pallet furniture build get classes I might actually start videoing them actually. 


Can you post videos on this platform @Jason

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Pallet D.I.Y. Projects

Hi @Vicki65,


We have loads of pallet experts in the community, including Marty (@Yorky88) who has kindly replied to you asking for your location. I'm sure our members would be happy to help you get started. Have you done any woodworking before? 


Marty, you can embed YouTube videos in your posts by hitting the Video button on our text editor. We are also considering adding hosting functionality down the track to take out the extra step of having to upload to YouTube first, so you could upload video from your phone just as easily as uploading a photo. Let me know if you ever need a hand.






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Re: Pallet D.I.Y. Projects

Hi Yorky

I live in paradise. I also have sewing equiptment for cushions.

Thank you for the response..

Love to watch or learn icki


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Re: Pallet D.I.Y. Projects

Hey @Vicki65 is that as in Surfers paradise? Yeah cool so making cushions is easy for you then. Maybe you can teach me how to sew cushion covers. 


I am in in Perth so I’ll work on some videos. Is there anything in particular you want to see how to build? 

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Re: Pallet D.I.Y. projects

@kaylah_rose It’s amazing the ideas out there!! I just made an outdoor planter bed for my partner out of pallets. Lucky to have left over 6ft pallets from my kids playground. 

Im also using an old pallet as storage for our garden tools. Keeps it all neat and take some up lil to no space! 



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