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New house for the girls, and new girls.

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New house for the girls, and new girls.

Hi all,

Unfortunately for this project I ran out of treated pine timber so I had to buy new.  Fortunately, everything else is recycled.  Let me take you through it.

(by the way I am talking about chickens here...)

We previously had 6 austrolorps which we found out (with all chickens) are major poo producers.  We used to let them out and they got into everything.  We decided to downsize a little and decided on 3/4 leghorns.  Also the old pen was in the wrong location and had to go.



After some research, we found the optimal size for 4 chooks.   I drew up a design which I was happy with and got to work. This is basic construction with glue and nails.  (Yeah, I know the shed needs a bit of a tidy up).


I decided that a tray under the roosting rails would come in handy when cleaning.  This used to be a drip tray from an old supermarket freezer.  I think the handle is off an old outdoor gas heater.


I made up a pvc chimney to allow heat buildup to escape.  (The shed is insulated as well).  You can see the door to the 2 laying boxes.  The lid is also on hinges for easy cleaning.


Feeder made out of 90mm pvc downpipe.  Just waiting for the water nipples to arrive for the waterer.


In position and ready to go.  The main door slides up and down and can be manually raised/lowered at this stage.  I have ordered some electrical parts so I can make this automatic (will cover this in another topic later once complete).


The girls have arrived and only took 2 days to realise where their new home is.  They still startle a little but are improving every day.


Apologies for the angle of the photos but they were upright on the computer.  I can't seem to change the alignment.




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Re: New house for the girls, and new girls.

Looks great! Nice looking chicks
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Re: New house for the girls, and new girls.

Good work. Have you noticed an increase in their egg production?

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Re: New house for the girls, and new girls.



The girls are a bit young yet so just getting them used to the light cycle.  Probably see good production in the next 1-2 weeks.

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