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NOT Cooking on Gas

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NOT Cooking on Gas

As a lover of charcoal cooked food I was wondering how many other people have broken the shackles of gas and how they have done it.


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Re: NOT Cooking on Gas

My twin sister married an American that she met overseas, & they introduced us to charcoal cooking.
We rushed out & get a CharBroil from BBQ's Delight, & it was magic.
The blokes all pitched in with monitoring the cooking time, & it was always a hoot.
We had the In-Laws over quite a lot for a barbie, so we became quite proficient, to the point of almost micro wave speed, would you believe, 4 beers each. ; )
Regardless of how many blokes pitched in, it was such a success, that we'd just tink our empties (drank from bottles back then), & one of the fine ladies would enthusiastically bring out more liquid gold for us blokes who consistently slaved over the charcoal BBQ for hours.
Charcoal barbies are the way to go, & gas is evil.
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Re: NOT Cooking on Gas

They do love their charcoal in the states and I think it makes it much more of an event when you don't just turn a knob to get the food cooking. You can't knock the convenience of gas but a good spit or slow cook on charcoal is the best.


And of course beer and BBQ go hand in hand and I love that cooking times can be estimated buy the number of beers consumed

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Re: NOT Cooking on Gas

Thanks for sharing @JP_Finlay. That looks amazing.


There was a similiar discussion that you might be interested on this thread: New BBQ purchase - talk me out of buying gas.



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