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Is it Really on Sale or is it everyday price quote as the sale price.

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Is it Really on Sale or is it everyday price quote as the sale price.

I noticed at Bunnings the other day Composite Sleepers [more about thes later] as Pam dropped me off. Didn't think much more about it as I had some small things I had to get. Eyes bulge TOOL SALE. Then my eyes filled with tears as I hadn't saved my pennies and I had to pass on buying but browsing doesn't cost anything and I noticed MY favourite tool was in with the sales items. Ryobi One 18V. I haven't saved my money but Pam just might of saved her's. Maybe. My heart stated to go back to its normal speed and that's good for a 65 year old walking medical disaster. THEN oh no I have fallen for it again the prices quoted where exactly the same as the everyday price. WHY oh Why build up a persons hope and then dash it.

Told Pam once I met up with her and she dryly said what do you expect from Bunnings they do that to catch the unsuspecting who think they are for sale.  

I wondered how many others had been caught out with this little retailers trick not just by Bunnings but by any retailer. 

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This is not really a discussion but have your say anyway.

As I am a bit of a winger and voiced some things about Bunnings and their Sales. I felt Bunnings was placing everyday priced object in with sale items.

I am as good as deaf in both ears and therefore do not use a phone. Pam is the only one who uses it and as I am familiar with her voice I can usually make out what she is saying but most times I can only understand a few words here and there, the rest is like a foreign movie without the Closed Captions underneath.

Jason and I exchanged Emails, my preferred way of communicating. Or face to face. If you have read some of my posts I have voiced the above. 

Jason as good as his word had mentioned my problem with Bunnings Victoria Point. Just alittle while ago I received an email from the complex manager Brenden Shakespeare who put me on the right track. He also stated that he or one of his staff would be happy to talk to me in person. 

I must admit that the practise of not reducing prices on Ryobi One 18V tools still is a very sore point but that is life and I guess I would have to live with this small but unfair practice of not being able to get a better deal on these as Bunnings are the sole distributor so you cannot get a better price from someone else so Bunnings would match it and give you an added 10% off the oppositions price.

My thanks to both Jason and Brenden for their patience and time to write to me via an email.



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Re: This is not really a discussion but have your say anyway.

Thanks for your message, John. I'm sure Brendan and his team would be more than happy to assist further whenever you have any needs or concerns. 


I've moved your latest post so it's with your first message to keep the discussion together. 



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Re: This is not really a discussion but have your say anyway.

Whilst I buy most of my stuff from Bunnings (because of the convenience of location) I think you still need to be aware of what else is happening out there. I get both the catalogues from the mailbox and also via email after subscribing to the various hardware suppliers. I just purchased a Stanley Fatmax 18v Impact Driver and Cordless drill kit with 2 2ah batteries and a bag for $125 from another hardware outlet. I didn't really need them but at that price and 3 year warranty found it hard to pass up. Having spent the greater part of my working life in Retail I am somewhat cynical of all (so called) Sales from any and all retailers and product categories, my pet hate is the % Off Sales and the ACCC do not address this deceptive marketing as much as they should. My advice, do not impulse buy, research what you are after and compare the pricing from all avenues. Also think outside the square, for example say you want a length of 25mm Dowel - a 2.4m length will cost you around $21 yet you can buy 2 1.35m Broom handles for $4.60 each!
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Re: This is not really a discussion but have your say anyway.

I still buy from the opposition [Mitre10] as my wife worked their and became very good friends with the management and still gets very close to staff discount and more if that is possible.

I only make my Ryobi One's an example as Bunnings hold the monopoly on them. I would be just as down on any other store that had an item I need and they are the only ones to stock them. A monopoly is not fair trading from anyway you look at it. 

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Re: Is it Really on Sale or is it everyday price quote as the sale price.

John Bunnings do not have sales , all their prices are regular retail price , they do get in Promotional stock (a container of stock they did a deal on to distribute between most stores) but are usually one of limited and not to be done again.

Then we have deleted lines, such as say Makita has releaed a new updated tool and they have worked with Bunnings to lower the price of a new but obsolete tool where you can get great savings at that store till stock runs out.

The last one is end of season, winter is over and we want to get rid of all our heaters so the price goes down till the stock is sold.

Hoped this has helped you.


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