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Ideas for shading a tree house

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Ideas for shading a tree house

I've started on a tree house for the the grandkids. Now with summer coming on, I'm wanting to add some shade, although the trees are doing a lot of this the afternon sun is the issue, any ideas on simple sturdy cover?



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Re: Ideas for shading a tree house

Welcome to Workshop @David61. This looks like a fantastic project. Congrats on the progress so far, I'm sure the grandkids love it. I'm also confident the ever-helpful Workshop community will have some good ideas for you, particularly the likes of @Yorky88, @LePallet@ProjectPete and @woodalwaysworks.


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have a project to share. We're looking forward to reading more about your projects and plans, and trust our members will provide plenty of assistance and inspiration. Please let me know if you ever need help getting the most from the site or have suggestions about how we can further improve Workshop for you.






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Re: Ideas for shading a tree house

@David61 Here's a couple ideas, sorry just did a quick mock up. With a post or two and the tree as a fixing point, you should be able to get a 3mx3m shade sail up. I'd be inclined to build a small room, it seems you have the skill set for it! cubby.jpg


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Re: Ideas for shading a tree house

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Re: Ideas for shading a tree house

Hello David61, Now that I have seen this photo here are my suggestions.


Heavy duty shade cloth with either 100 or 75 percent UV blocking. ( I'd still put sunscreen on the grand kids )

Shade cloth is weather resistant and lets air go through so you don't die of heat while your under that shade.

Because its UV stable it should last a couple of summers before needing a replacement.

The frame I drew is a suggestion and is not to scale. I drew it with an adult in mind standing in the cubby. However if for the grand kids only then I suggest lowering it. 

I was thinking if you want sturdy I suggest spending a bit for the frame and staple the shade cloth to it.

My best suggestion once you build this get the swag tents out and spend the night under the stars in the cubby house.

Hope you and the grandkids have a wonderful summer! Cheers!david1.pngMake the cubby house last longer and buy some mistints from Bunnings.david2.pngGet some solar lights that will impress the grandkids!david3.pngIf you put a TV in there you might start to enjoy it as well!

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