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I made a thing!

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I made a thing!

G'day everyone.

We have 6 kids and the outdoor table gets crowded and if Grandparents visit, there's not enough room.

I've made this, so 3 kids can sit comfortably on bar stools. Kids are calling it the Breakfast Bar, although they've spent every night out there so far and will pretty much eat lunch and dinner out there.


The Colorbond is 2 off cuts from our roof, when the house was built. 

All other materials are from Bunnings, including the white rocks to fill the gap at the base.


I am not a handyman at all and this is the first time I have built something like this. I'm pretty stoked.

Didn't have a plan and just went with the flow.


The rear of it will have planter boxes with herbs and various other plants, although I am thinking adding shelves and closing it in with a door to use it as storage my gardening stuff.


Once I find enough pallets, I'm going to do a deck going out from this which will have a fire pit and planter boxes.



20190916_154548.jpgSeats 3 comfortably on bar stools.

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Re: I made a thing!

It's because you built it! It must be used!
Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: I made a thing!

Congrats @rattle, you've done a great job. Sounds like it's certainly got a big thumbs up from the kids.


Looking forward to seeing what you produce next.




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Re: I made a thing!

Very very nice @rattle 


I love the work and can imagine it will get alot of use for many of years.


If you ever want some ideas or help with your planter boxes let me know and I will be more than happy to help as this is something I do regularly now.


Keep the pictures coming, we love it.


Kind regards Rob 👍

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Re: I made a thing!

HI @rattle 

There's a saying, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" I think we all experience that when we DIY something that turns out great and is well used and loved.


Well done.


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