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How well do you know your neighbours?

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How well do you know your neighbours?

I was amused to see Domain running an article today on tips to get to know your neighbours. I wouldn't have thought it was that hard!


But I guess the expert quoted is right that lots of people these days hardly know their neighbours at all. Do you? If not, why? Do you think its just a case of people being really time poor? I suspect it's also a bit to do with the huge fences that people now tend to errect around their houses...


We've got a couple of sets of neighbours that have become good friends and it is fantastic to know they are around to look out for you and your house, water the garden, grab the mail, etc when you're not around. 



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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

Good neighbours are so important. Bad neighbours can make life a misery. Then again, even the good neighbours who talk too much can make life a misery

One of the hardest parts of moving house is leaving good neighbours behind. The 'people next door' are key to a community spirit, and it's nice to help them and appreciated when they help you back!

We have found that our understanding of Indian and Chinese culture has improved significantly by having families either side of us of these backgrounds!

Also the delicious curry smells that waft over the fence pretty much every night are amazing!!
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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

I had to break in to next door yesterday when he lost his keys, despite the nay sayers the as he called it the most paranoid security system he could come up with the cordless repo saw got in within 5 minutes.

So junkyard one side, corner the other, down the back lives in a daze. A brothel down the road and a couple of labs around the corner.
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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

This is an interesting one. We only know two of our neighbours and we've been in the same area for a couple of years now. Our neighbours directly next door are absolutely lovely and made themselves known as soon as we moved in. Our other neighbours - behind us - we only met when our cheeky pup got out of our yard and wandered into theirs. We don't see them often but when we do it's a quick hello or general small talk. I think most people get too caught up in their day to day that they often don't see their neighbours or have the time to socialise with them.
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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

Guys, I know that this is a late posting, but everyone in our street knows each other by their first name. Admittedly it is a short street (14 houses), but every Christmas we have a street party and one of the guys blocks off the street with some council signs and all the kids go crazy and we have a big BBQ, heaps of food and lots of bevvys. The old neighbourhood watch is still alive and well in our area and we don't nose about in each others' business, but we do ensure that things are secure around the place.
A few of us have a couple of cold ones every Friday outside one of our houses and we talk rubbish and the wives and kids join in too. Lots of socialising and we have a good network of friends.
My family has lived here for just over 30 years now and before that I used to have school mates living in this street, so there's plenty of history here. We are so lucky to live here and I wouldn't give this up for quids.
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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

That sounds like a fantastic community @Henno. You are indeed really lucky to live in such a great neighbourhood. Thanks for sharing. 



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Re: How well do you know your neighbours?

An urban designer reckons people who know and trust their neighbours have healthier lives and enjoy a better sense of wellbeing.


There's an article about it on Domain today -


I would be interested to hear from Workshop members about projects or amenities in your communities that help bring people together, or any things you should be built to improve your local area.


I'd like to see empty shops put to creative uses. It's hard for strip shops to compete these days with the shopping centres but I think they are really important as community hubs and perhaps artists could have a role in helping to make them a bit more vibrant and interesting.  

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