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Fire Pit

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Fire Pit

Took a while, but finished my firepit area. I forgot to take the 1st before photo of the demo but got one from the real estate photos before we purchase the house. Excuse the gnomes


There was a pond, that the previous owner filled up and planted a lemon tree. Unbeknown, he filled that pond with 80% rubble and 20% sand, plus the pond was lined with concrete, so what I thought was a 1-day demo, turned into 4 weekends, as I couldn't fit any bobcats or kangas in.




A lot of cursing the previous owner from this point on.



Beautiful concrete lining and some parts were 40cm thick.



Garden Wall from Boral/Midland Brick. 10 to make a circle. Got a 10kg tub from a washing machine that fits perfectly, allowing me to empty any ash after fires.



Finished. Finally. Filled the area with blue metal. Capped the ends of the brickwork with pine sleepers that have been stained. Added some chairs from Kmart and Bunnings.




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Re: Fire Pit

Nice job!..Looks like a nice cosy spot..
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Re: Fire Pit

Well done @pformagg - always love a good firepit! Can hardly wait to build mine at my new house (once it's built). Enjoy!

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Re: Fire Pit

Looks fantastic @pformagg. Well done. I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it - it looks like a fantastic area for outdoor entertaining. 


Fire pits have been very popular with Workshop members, so I'm sure your work will also inspire others to build something similar. Thanks very much for sharing the project. 



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Re: Fire Pit

Awesome job @pformagg. Looks like a great spot. 


Have you considered building some seating as well? 



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Re: Fire Pit

Hay Matt,


Yes, that is a long term goal. Thinking a floating wood seat that is curved with the wall, but my skills with wood is not the best, so will take some time.


I am getting some wood chopping blocks, and using those as side tables in between the chairs as well. Still havn't fire the pit up, as it has been too windy or extremely hot.

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