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Fence makeover

Budding Contributor

Fence makeover

What a epic transformation in our backyard!

I used the Dulux Rapid Finish Spray Gun and Dulux Rapid Finish Paint!

This is only one coat so far, but it makes such a difference to a once boring fence.


Best $99 I spent on this Spray Gun, works a treat!

*Note: I did dilute the paint by 10% to allow a more consistent flow 



Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Fence makeover

Nice one @Nikkaz. We did the same at our place. The darker background really makes the greenery pop.


What colour did you use?


It would be great to see some more shots when you've done the final coat. 




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Budding Contributor

Re: Fence makeover

Hey @Jason I used Monument :smile:

I will post some more after the weekend, hopefully it doesn't rain. 

Super Contributor

Re: Fence makeover

Excellent paint job!
Junior Contributor

Re: Fence makeover

Definitely a huge difference and looks great.
Nice one.

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