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Fence makeover for the pool area

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Fence makeover for the pool area

Unsurprisingly, I'm not a fan of colourbond fencing, and particularly not the cream colour the estate decided to go with.

Again unsurprisingly, given my love for timber, I thought "Why don't we just cover it in wood?!?". So off I went to my friend's timber mill (a 7hr round trip) to pick up 800kg of freshly cut Marri wood. (I've painted the remainder of the fence shale grey which I'm much happier with)

I framed it with treated pine and staggered the rough sawn Marri across the lot for a rustic and 'cosy' effect.

Took an average of 4mins to file the rough edges and oil each piece of wood and there are over 100 pieces in the project. Add to that the time to frame and fix the pieces to the frame (particularly hard with slightly mishapen wood (rustic)) and deal with the Perth heat lately, it was a BIG project - but we're stoked with the end product.



AFTER (excuse the pool cover and noodles)


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Re: Fence makeover for the pool area

It looks brilliant @ProjectPete, well done. 



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Re: Fence makeover for the pool area

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