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Cleaning Ekodeck composite boards

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Cleaning Ekodeck composite boards

Hi, Workshop Community


I installed a Ekodeck about 3 years ago. I used the Cameo (hidden) screw method to install them. Unfortuneately after a period of time the boards have started to lift and break away from the screws. Since then Ekodeck has redesigned these boards and introduced a clipping device.

I am in the process of screwing down these boards now, does not look as good as the hidden screw look but it is holding the boards in place.

As mentioned, water (after cleaning and rain) will leave makes if not wiped away. My only real complaint is that the boards after time never really look clean. Any advice on cleaning would be apprecited, I usually use my Gerni deck cleaner attachement, even this leaves residual marks.


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Re: Cleaning Ekodeck composite boards

Hi @gbaker1512,


Thanks for sharing your experiences. As your message was on a relatively old gallery post, I moved your post to create a new discussion so your question would be more prominent and easily seen by Workshop members. 


Hopefully members with experience with composite decking can assist you, like @Trying@Henno and @Darbysgirl.





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Re: Cleaning Ekodeck composite boards

Hi @gbaker1512,
Seems that the Ekodeck website has you in for some extra cleaning duties!
Depending on your colour choice they want you to clean it regularly and only use a 1500psi.
Don't know if you've paid it a visit, but here's a link:
I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful, but thems the breaks...

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