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Bluestone rounds to replace lawn


Bluestone rounds to replace lawn

For my first post I thought I'd share our current garden project. Our backyard has lots of lovely trees but it gets a lot of shade and we have an energetic dog, so our lawn didn't last. Instead of laying more turf we're now replacing it with bluestone rounds. 


We got a start on the project last weekend but mixing the concrete by hand in a wheelbarrow was slow going. We've now borrowed a small cement mixer which should make things a lot quicker and easier. 


We also realised we should have put a string line down and left it. Some of the first rounds we have laid are a little too low. 


Anyway, I'm happy with how it's coming together and think all the work will be worth it. 



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Re: Bluestone rounds to replace lawn

Looks like a great project @Kate23. Many thanks for sharing. Let us know if you need a hand with anything.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're really pleased you could join us and are confident you will receive lots of helpful advice and inspiration for your projects from our clever and creative members. Feel free to post whenever you need help or have something new to share. We're looking forward to reading more about your projects and plans.




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Re: Bluestone rounds to replace lawn

The bluestone looks great @Kate23, looking forward to pictures when it's done!

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