Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

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Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

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I have been thinking of upgrade my backyard entertainment area and build a outdoor BBQ kitchen for quite some time, last year I finally decided to put it in action.


Things have been done so far:


  • Upgraded pergola roof to better heat resistaint sheets, it is now much more comfortable during a hot summer day.
  • Upgraded the lightling and installed a ceilin fan, it worked very well during last Christmas.
  • Did the plumbing work including both hot and cold water pipes and drain pipe which connected to the existing kitchen drain.
  • Built the half wall for the kitchen area

To be done

  • Build a decking floor across the entire pergola area
  • Build kitchen cupboard and building BBQ and Wok Burner


  • In oder to ensure the new decking floor is not higher than the house floor, the whole decking is very close to the ground. The lowest point is only about 90mm from paving surface to the top of joist. I am using 70mm timber for the joist support system.

Anyone has any suggestions and/or previous experiences, I'd love to hear. Thank you.





Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

have a look at klevaklip adjustable joist support. WIll need a concrete base though.

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Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

Welcome to Workshop @thebugles and thanks for joining in the discussion. I'm looking forward to reading about your own projects and plans. 


@raymao268: You might be interested in this previous discussion on Workshop - https://www.workshop.com.au/t5/Outdoor-Living/Raised-Tiled-backyard-entertainment-area-what-options/... where @AshY had a similar paved space to work with.



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Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

Thanks Jason for sharing the similar post. I will have a look later on, hopefully can get some hints from it. 

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Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

This might be a very obvious suggestion, but why not lift up and remove all the pavers to give you more clearance @raymao268?

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Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

Thanks for the suggestion, have taken this option into consideration before, but have decided not to do that for a couple of reasons:

1. Obviously it will involve lot heavy work to remove over 40M2 of paves.

2. More importantly, it will change the water drainage situation, and if it is not being done correctly, will cause long term water problem which I don't want that. 

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Re: Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment area

Yeah, removing pavers is a pain. We removed a lot of old concrete pavers at our place and am glad to be rid of them! 


Not sure about your second point though. Would have thought that removing the pavers wouldn't affect your drainage, or actually improve things. 

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