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Making a coffee table


Making a coffee table

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how or where I could learn to make a basic coffee table from scratch? any tips would be great

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Re: Making a coffee table

Try Finewoodworking they produce a great magazine, Unfortunately their forum is pretty much defunct AFAIK

You should be able to track down back issues in libraries, which have turned into museums

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Re: Making a coffee table

Hi @Monika,


Welcome to Workshop. You've come to the right place. I'm sure there will be plenty of community members who can inspire you and/or give you a hand with this project and many others to come. 


For starters, you might like to check out some of the coffee tables that other Workshop members have built and shared with us. Here are some examples:









There are also instructions for building your own slatted coffee table on the Bunnings website. I have included a picture and the video below.


Hope this helps get you started. 




Slatted_Coffee_Table.pngD.I.Y. Slatted Coffee Table





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Re: Making a coffee table

@MonikaMonika What sort /Style of coffee table are you out to make do you have any ideas 

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Re: Making a coffee table

@Gaz Unless you "@Monika" She won't see/hear your reply. Just FYI

I'm keen to give some ideas aswell! 

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Re: Making a coffee table

Hi Try this site it is as basic as it gets. But I would get a table top from bunnings instead of the planks for the top

However the masurment are in imperial to convet to metric:

e.g. 51/2,  1/2 = .5,   5 X 25.4 +.5 =129.5mm

Hope this helps

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