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Formal lounge rooms

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Formal lounge rooms

For renovators of older homes seeking extra space, a closed-off formal lounge presents a design challenge, as seen on The Block. I found this article interesting, which has interior designers talking about options for the formal lounge -


If you have a formal lounge room in your house, what do you use it for? 

Community Manager Jason
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Re: Formal lounge rooms

We have a formal lounge in our 50s-era home. It's at the front of our house so it gets afternoon sun. It's a lovely place in autumn, winter and spring to catch up on some reading, but gets a little hot in summer! We certainly use it when we have friends and family over, although its natural for people to congregate in the living room as its next to the kitchen where the action (and food) is. I see the formal lounge as a quieter space - free from screens. A place to relax. 





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Re: Formal lounge rooms

I think the reality is that for many people, the idea of a formal lounge is outdated. Although it can be great to have seperate living areas in a house with many people - open plan is not always great for seeking some peace and quiet...

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