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D.I.Y. pallet wood clock

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D.I.Y. pallet wood clock


Everything I have made has been for personal use or as a gift. Recently my amazing boss asked me to make her a wooden clock to finish off their kitchen/lounge room renovation. Similar to one I made for our home.


So working with their new colours and farmhouse style decor I ended up with this result.


I included their family name and year they were married as a personal touch.


Even though I refused she insisted on paying me for it - so technically my first customer! Best feeling was seeing how happy she was! 


First time using oil based stain so had to practice on scrap wood till I was confident enough.


Had a few dramas when chipping out a hole for the clock mechanism. Pallet wood was very dry so had a few split and have to re do the process with a new piece.


 8379BA90-475E-47AF-9D5F-C1E944B11F0B.jpeg  21AF8FBC-93C8-4BD8-AB20-6B11293BAB27.jpeg  C637F4D8-6E44-4A87-898A-B055D11AE405.jpeg  3316AAD7-3865-46D8-8B5F-79AC7BB61E46.jpeg  E003034B-CB56-48E5-9E83-6C5DD9F69A1C.jpeg  A8E1C422-4E74-4000-9938-6E19D84B35E1.jpeg

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Re: DIY pallet wood clock

Beautiful work!
Community Manager Jason
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Re: DIY pallet wood clock

Lovely work as always @Tara86. Many thanks for sharing with the community.




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Re: DIY pallet wood clock


I love it looks great. Dont feel bad charging money IMO you should see what clocks like that sell in shops for hahahahha. You should hit your boss up for another commision for the workplace
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Re: DIY pallet wood clock

Great job

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