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Bedrooms off a living area?

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Bedrooms off a living area?

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are regarding bedrooms coming straight off a living area. I realise it's never going to be ideal, but hallways can be a major waste of space, especially in a small home.


Would you be happy to have bedrooms coming straight off a living area?


If you have bedrooms coming off a living area in your home, is it ever a problem?


Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Bedrooms off a living area?

As a teenager my bedroom came directly off the house's main living and kitchen area. It was not ideal, particularly as the television was on the wall next to my bedroom door. These days I think that if you can't have a hallway then you ideally want to have bedrooms up one end of the house (typically the front) and all the living areas towards the back, leading into outdoor living spaces and the backyard.  



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