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painting kitchen cupboards


painting kitchen cupboards

When spray painting my kitchen cupboards, how much do i need to thin my paint to spray without clogging the spraygun?


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Re: painting kitchen cupboards

Welcome to Workshop @dswes and thanks for making your first post. I trust you will find plenty of great information and ideas on the site, plus have plenty of fun. 


I haven't had a lot of experience using spray guns (I used one for the first time a few weeks ago to do my backyard fence) but I believe the answer to your question will depend on what spray gun you are using and what paint you are using. Could you please tell us a bit more about what you are planning to use so the community can provide some assistance and advice?


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Re: painting kitchen cupboards



Definitely depends on the spray gun and the type of paint. Some paint is designed to be sprayed and you don't need to add any water. 

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Re: painting kitchen cupboards

@dswes Depending on the surface you may need to use a laminate or grip lock style primer as paint will not adhere to glossy surfaces.

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