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Timber benchtop help

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Timber benchtop help

Hi everyone,


We sealed our timber benchtop on the weekend with a Cabot's clear flooring polyurethane (was told that this was perfect for benchtops) and it has not turned out how we expected...


We sanded the timber smooth using a belt sander/by hand until it was perfectly smooth.


We then applied x 2 coats of the polyurethane in a matt finish and it has dried with a rough 'raw timber' feel to it! We applied it with a gloss roller brush and brush (as per instructions).


It looks perfect - no streaks or imperfections. It is also water resistant. 


I'm wondering if it is because we used a matt finish vs a gloss? Any suggestions?

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Re: Timber benchtop help

Hey @KingStreetReno - the matte finish shouldn't have a 'raw timber' feel but it obviously won't feel as smooth as a gloss finish. I'd suggest going over the matte coat with a gloss coat if you'd prefer that smooth finish. You may have to sand the matte finish back before applying a gloss coat but I'm not 100% sure, hopefully someone on workshop has had some experience with it. The alternative is to call the manufacturer.

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Re: Timber benchtop help

Hey @KingStreetReno


I would try lightly sanding the polyurethane that is on the benchtop currently, and apply a final coat with a brush, rather than the roller.

In my experience, I've found that flooring polyurethanes can bubble with a roller (and in your case with a matte finish, feel rough to touch.)


You could also try a flat head applicator, made from a sheepwool material.

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Re: Timber benchtop help

I remember from this discussion about timber benchtops that some people were concerned about durability and ongoing maintenance. I will be interested to hear how you go with yours @KingStreetReno. Could you share a photo of how it has come up so far?

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Re: Timber benchtop help

A bit late to this conversation.
I am worried that you used a belt sander instead of an orbital sander to get your final pre coat finish. I don't believe that belt sanders are made for that.
As for your finish, matt/gloss, if you don't want that high gloss finish (that shows every imperfection) or a dull matt finish, try a Satin. Best of both worlds.
I also would recommend several coats with light hand sanding between each to obtain that showroom look.
Good luck.

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