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Kitchen renovation advice

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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Exciting times @Angelina! Where are you located?
Looks like a great project you've got ahead of you. Plenty to learn, some nice challenges - it'll be an amazing experience for you. Don't underestimate your own capabilities though - even if you haven't done something before, you won't know if you can until you try. Cabinetry, benchtops, tiling, flooring are all pretty straight forward and can save you some serious $$$.
You should start a Pinterest board and share the link here so we can get an idea of your tastes, etc
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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

@Angelina Have you thought about whether you'll go for a 900mm oven or two smaller ones? And are you looking at gas/induction stovetop? I think the verdict is still out on these topics.

I'm putting a 900mm built-in oven in my new place with a 900mm induction cooktop. I was sceptical of induction cooktops at first but through many recommendations form friends/colleagues and also using one at a holiday home for a few days I really like it.
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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Thanks RennoQueen!

Sorry for my late reply, we have been crazy busy packing, cleaning and getting ready to move into our new house!

So I have thought about moving the kitchen downstairs and to the back of the house, as I agree it would be better to add a deck onto the back of the house and maybe at some point a pool, this is the back of the house at the moment.  We were thinking of getting rid of the water tank (as there is another one at the other end of the house) and taking the deck all along the side of the house to the back. We would then put in some bi-folding doors to open it onto the garden.

In terms of style, I am leaning towards a more rustic, Scandi feel, lots of wood quite basic and very homley.  Every house has these high gloss white super modern kitchens, but I just dont think it will suit this house or our style at all.  I quite like this Ikea kitchen.....08-Kitchen-in-Luke-and-Mikahl-Tierneys-Australian-Weatherboard-House-DesignSponge.jpgdownload.jpeg


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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Hi Angelina
We're moving into our first home shortly and have a similar need to push back a wall to expand our kitchen aswell.
Can you advise how you got those floor plans?
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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Hi Adam

The floorplans are just from the RealEstate listing of the house we bought.  

Hope that helps!


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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Thanks for clarifying @Angelina, I'm sure Adam appreciates it.


@adamc, let me extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community and a big congratulations on your new home. This must be a very exciting time for you. I am looking forward to reading all about your projects and plans, and know that you'll get plenty of helpful advice and inspiration from our community members.


All the best,




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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice

Oven size is a hard decision. 


It's great to have a big oven for entertaining but then they not only take up more kitchen space but more importantly, take longer to heat up every time you use them. Remember that most barbecues these days double as an oven...


Good luck,



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Re: Kitchen Renovation Advice



Hello @Angelina,


I sometimes draw in the evening to relax and unwind. Perhaps you'll like my ideas or perhaps you had something else in mind. In any case if I have the time and you would like to see this in another configuration drop me a line. Flatpack systems as usual and of course bamboo benchtops. Hope you enjoy my ideas, please note drawings are not to scale and are for possible ideas only.



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