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Kitchen + laundry reno ideas

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Kitchen + laundry reno ideas


We are renovating and trying to come up with the best configuration for a new kitchen + laundry renovation. Here is our first idea. We will be closing in the back terrace to give us more space. I've been thinking there might be a way to use the extra space in that corner in a different way, perhaps as a small laundry and/ or walk-in pantry from the kitchen. In the sketch below the dotted lines are where the walls are now. We are happy to remove all of them to open up the space to the bathroom wall. One issue with that approach is that the laundry will kinda be in the middle of the house. I think it might be a bit noisy and so I'm wondering if it makes more sense to move it.



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Re: Kitchen + laundry reno ideas

Any ideas on this one @ProjectPete@2Belindas and @redracer01?




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Re: Kitchen + laundry reno ideas

Hello @redstar !

If the doors you are using for your laundry are thick wardrobe doors then it should be enough to muffle the sound of the washing machine, that is on the assumption the doors are closed while you wash. I have a few suggestions about space use, but I do have some questions about your appliances. What is the size of your refrigerator? Do you want an oven tower? Are the sliding doors I am seeing on the plan new?


If the doors are new I would suggest moving the door next to the fridge be moved 100mm to the right to make that little 500mm wall into a 600mm wall. It will then allow you to use standard sized kitchen cabinets and move the fridge, oven tower and pantry to that side of the unused wall. Unless you already have an appliance there then my suggestion won't work.


I have seen some designs where the laundry has been placed next to the kitchen. But sound does play a factor but the look of the design makes it stand out. If you can put up with the noise it will look  fantastic. ( time permitting I will draw it )( perhaps now would be a good time to invest in some noise cancelling earphones : ) )


Last option is to move the laundry out of there lock stock and place it in another part of the house. In the vacated space you can then put in the fridge, pantry and oven tower and have a very open kitchen design with no tall bulky items as they are now on that hidden wall space. Gives your kitchen that open plan look straight out of the magazines. I've drawn up some sketches for you hope you enjoy them and tell me what you think of my suggestions and what you would like to see.




---redstar1.jpgDrawers next to the cooktop and oven.redstar2.jpgFlat pack kitchens? You bet!redstar3.jpgVacum thermoformed high gloss white! Built for battle with toddlers of all ages!redstar4.jpgFrom the right 450 base cabinet for the bin ( people always forget the bin ), 900 3 drawer for more pots and pans, a standard 800 base cabinet at the end to hide the kitchen aid sandwich press and that thing that Heston Blumenthal uses to vacum meat.redstar5.jpgI apologize profusely but I am so partial to timber tops and cabinets.redstar6.jpgLouver doors to hide all that laundry stuff.redstar7.jpgTop view, I've drawn it as close as possible to the indicated sizes based on your plan. Wondering how much it might cost in flat pack? You'll need to visit the big green shed! Bring the drawings you just might be surprised at how much it will actualy cost.



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Re: Kitchen + laundry reno ideas

Hello @redstar,

Here was my other idea of the open plan. No doors on the laundry integrating it with the look of the kitchen.


redstarA.jpgAll the tall bulky units are now on the other side away from the line of sight.redstarB.jpgYou can never have enough bench space. Drawer cabinets for all occasions!redstarC.jpgredstarD.jpgMy favorite part is the butlers sink undermount sytle!redstarE.jpgEven if the wall was just over at 2.4 meters wide, those cabinets would still fit on that wall.redstarF.jpgredstarG.jpg


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