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Industrial Style Furniture

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Industrial Style Furniture

Morning Workshoppers! 


My husband and I are about to move into our newly built house and with this we are going to need some new furniture! We are looking to make our own dining room table, industrial style. 


What are some tips for building your own furniture and has anyone built something similar (see pictured below). If all goes well with this, we may attempt to make some more pieces in future. 


Industrial Style Table.jpg

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Industrial Style Furniture

What an exciting time for you @TheFoxSays. And what a fantastic project! I reckon @She_Skills would have some tips for you based on these benches - If you can get to Brisbane you might even want to attend some of Meg's workshops.


Good luck,





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Re: Industrial Style Furniture

We are moving only a few hours from Brisbane, I might have an opportunity to go to one of these workshops. I'd love to learn some new skills - I'm currently a complete novice but the husband is pretty handy haha. Thanks for info Jason.
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Re: Industrial Style Furniture

We find lots of great timber at salvage yards or maybe an old door. Make sure you are well protected if you have to remove paint because it's often full of lead. It's worth getting a belt sander if you are going to work with recycled timber. We run women's workshops in Brisbane. You can find the details here
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Re: Industrial Style Furniture

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with @TheFoxSays.


I'd love something like this:



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