Organise tools

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Organise tools

I typically shove all my tools in my tool box. Then when I need something I have to spend ages rummaging through it to find what I need. Interested to hear how others organise their tools. I don't think I can justify one of those big chrome tool trolleys, eventhough they look cool. 





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Re: Organise tools

Maybe not the right person to reply...
I have my original tool set from when I was 16.
Work tool box that came home in 97.
Grandfathers wooden tool box and wall cabinet.
Old kitchen wall cabinet.
Fathers peg board.
Stanley rolling tool box for my levels and the free toolbox that came with it is full too.
Bosch L-box system comes in large, medium, small and mini, takes a lot of room at 1 tool a box mostly. I need more of them...
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Re: Organise tools



You might be interested in this project - How to build a pegboard tool holder.


Hope it inspires you to do something similar. 


Let us know how you go.




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