Row boat sand pit

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Row boat sand pit

Just a quick question,
recently aquired an old wooden row boat I’m converting into a sand pit for my kids. The sides and frame are all in good condition but the ply floor board sections were pretty rotten. I’m thinking of making the new floor from cut down pallet slats screwed into the frame but I’m just curious is to how I would accurately measure the angle to contour the curve of the boat?
hope this makes sense, all advice and suggestions welcome

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Re: Row boat sand pit

Straight angles a sliding bevel will work, some do have a digital angle gauge built in to help you if you are using a mitre saw.

Contour gauge for curves, it has a set of sliding pins to copy the shape.
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Re: Row boat sand pit

Sounds like a great project @Millsylad. I'm sure your kids will love it! Great to see you've already received some terrific advice from the ever-helpful @Brad.


Let me extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're really pleased you have joined us. I'm sure you will continue to receive lots of helpful advice and inspiration for your projects in future. 


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Re: Row boat sand pit

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Sounds like a great project.  Don't foget to give them a ship's wheel or a tiller for when your little pirates are sailing the high seas in a gale.

Google "boat sand pit" for more ideas.

Back to your quesion...

I would suggest you just leave the bottom flat to make it more stable.  Remember also that if you replace the ply as you would if you were fixing the boat it would be watertight.  You want the rain to drain away.

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