Rising to the woodworking challenge

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Rising to the woodworking challenge



Workshop community update #80


Hi all,


It has been fantastic to see Workshop community members respond to @Kim2's woodworking challenge in recent weeks.


After making a beautiful rectangular planter box, Kim fell in love with some heart-shaped wooden succulent planters and wondered if handy community members might like to tackle the project. @Wayne has already made some great progress.


Other popular Workshop posts from the past few weeks have included:


@MikeBenstead introduced himself to the community and his fantastic period home he is renovating on a “shoestring budget”


@LePallet got some expert advice to help bring his lawn back


Members provided assistance to @Smasht who has a tricky problem with a wood panelled bedroom


@woodalwaysworks has cleverly converted a spare room into a kids wonderland


Members helped @Rich with identifying a root-rot problem


@Scally96 is looking for suggestions about what to do with an old brick fireplace


@CaroF got advice about painting a new cubby house


@aly received suggestions about growing herbs at this time of year


@Millsylad is tackling a fun project converting an old row boat into a sandpit


Newcomer @saroadie is looking for barbecue exhaust options for a renovated outdoor entertainment area


@Simon shared his experiences rejuvenating outdoor furniture on a budget


@GardenerJohn wondered why you need to test water pressure before installing a new garden irrigation system.


Meanwhile on the gallery, popular photos have included a round coffee table from @Beachbox, cladded planter boxes by @maknilsin, @LePallet's reclaimed wood breakfast table, and a tepee kids bed with trundle from @woodalwaysworks


Special thanks to our top Workshop contributors over the past few weeks. The community members who posted the most popular content were @Kim2@Yorky88@woodalwaysworks@Brad and @Wayne. Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the community and we look forward to seeing more of your projects and great advice.


And a final congratulations and best wishes to Workshop’s @Yorky88, who has taken the big step of making his woodworking business a full time venture. By the looks of this photo, Marty is off to a cracking start…



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