Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

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Help! I have lawn grubs!

Hi All, 


Does anyone have any reccomendations on the best Lawn Grub insecticide? I have discovered this evening these dreaded little buggers through my front lawn. By the looks of things they are the Army grub. 


Any help on how to get on top of this before they destroy my lawn would be amazing! 

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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

Sorry to hear of your problem. They usually attack healthy lawns so hopefully you've found them early and can get on top of the problem.They are active at night so you need to apply the insecticide at dusk. But I'm not sure whether the best solution is the spray on or slower-release granules. Hopefully @Adam_W might see your post and help. 


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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

Hey @TheFoxSays. Army worms... hideous creatures.
Unfortunately because they are fast moving & do their damage overnight they can be hard to treat & are often only spotted once they've done the damage.
Rule #1 is to identify them accurately and #2 is act quickly. Like today.
I'd be looking to use EcoNeem. Although expensive it's very effective & is much safer to use.

Scotts Lawn Builder + Grub & Insect Control formulation (red bag) can be very effective too.
Personally I’d AVOID any products (lawn care or otherwise) that have Imadicloprid as an active ingredient as the environmental side-effects of these products are terrible. Reports are also indicating that target insects have a high level of resistance to these products.

Products containing Imadicloprid & other 'neo-nics' have actually been banned in various places around the world as they are considered to be major contributors to the decline of essential pollinators such as bees. As the product is systemic even when used on a lawn it can be taken-up through the soil by flowering plants in surrounding garden beds and then gets to bees etc.
In other words these products are not killing the critters you want to nuke but are killing the good guys in your garden…
EcoNeem - EcoOrganic page
Scotts - Lawn Builder + Grub kill

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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

You are right on the damage, it looks to be only my front lawn affected in a couple of areas - but last night was the first time I've seen them We only laid the turf around 2-3 mths ago! 

I'll look into both of those products and will purchase something today to get onto it. I don't want them to damage anymore of the lawn if I can avoid it. We've had tons of rain recently, from what I read that doesn't help the situation. 


I appreciate the information regarding imadicloprid, I always try to take the 'eco' way where I can as I am concious of the declining bee population. 


@Adam_W & @greygardener appreciate the responses!

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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

Just thought I'd post a bit of a follow up. I wasn't able to get EcoNeem, as unfortunately my local Bunnings & nursery that stocks it were both out. So I ended up with the Scotts bag as suggested.

I also decided to buy the hand-tool for easy application and an even spread - so glad I did as I believe it halved the time it would have taken had I just spread it around by hand, I'll need to pop down tomorrow to purchase another bag to do the back lawn also.

I'm now giving the lawn a good water and will report back in a few weeks how the problem is going. Fingers crossed this does the job!

Thanks again for the help today
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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

No worries @TheFoxSays, glad you went the spreader option.
I've feed (and treated) more lawns than I could possibly remember & I can tell... I've no chance of spreading evenly by hand &, as you said, a spreader makes it so much faster.

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Re: Help! I have lawn grubs!

I would 100% recommend getting a the spreader to anyone - even if it is just for fertilizing purposes! The even spread and time it took was only around 30-45 minutes, then it was just a good water to get things going.
My lawn is looking healthier already and I haven't spotted a grub in a couple of days, so far so good!

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