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mini succulent gardens

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mini succulent gardens

Its been lovely to read the interesting posts and pictures from folk interested in succulent gardens. Recently I made my gypsy daughter a mini terrarium/succulent garden in a glass spice jar so she could always have it with her as she travels. I drilled a smiley face into the silver metal lid for air, used about 15mm of soil in the bottom and scavanged new growth bits and pieces off the succulents I have. Encouraged I then made the 3 grandkids one each and glued a pretty little lady beetle on the inside.  However I'd like to know more about succulents and if there are 'mini' varieties. Often I see the beautiful pictures of eeny weeny tiny succulents and wonder "where  did they get them?"

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Re: mini succulent gardens

I'm actually a huge fan of succulents @suzyq and have a range of different species and arrangements around my house (inside and out). Whilst close management of succulent growth is an option to keep them "mini" and having them in a small pot restricting their growth, there are actually some species better suited to miniature arrangements. Their availability is the next question.


Keen to see some of the stuff you've made up.

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Re: mini succulent gardens

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