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Yucca Plant/Tree

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Yucca Plant/Tree


I've been told these two tall Plants/Trees are Yucca's. Not sure if that is correct or not?

I haven't seen them go through a full anuall season with not been in our house a whole year yet. Over the past couple of weeks they have grown a massive stem, tripling in height with some small pods/seeds comings off.

I'm very intriuged to wait and see what happens but before the wait topples the plants over is it best to chop there heads off and let the plants grow out. Leave them be. Will the seeds/pods spread?

A joiner unsure in the Garden!?

Any help, hints, tips greatly apreiciated. 

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Re: Yucca Plant/Tree

Looks fantastic @woodalwaysworks.


Some of our resident horticulturalists should be able to help you, such as @Branchy249 and @Adam_W.



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Re: Yucca Plant/Tree

Hi @woodalwaysworks,
The yucca most people know is Yucca elephantipes (Y. gigantea). These plants are definitely not that species as they have shorter leaves and much shorter flower spikes.
Are the leaves fleshy or sort of rigid?

I’m going to say most likely yes to it being a yucca but couldn’t confirm the species for you at this stage.
That stem is a flower spike. After flowering it might produce seeds or even pups (small plants) on that stem.

What may happen is the plant dies after flowering and if it does it will likely send out new plants around the base.
Sorry to sound so vague but hard to know without knowing the species.
I’d just watch it for now & enjoy the flowers 

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Re: Yucca Plant/Tree

Hi Adam_W

Thank you for your reply, most helpfull. I'm intrigued to see where the plants go, at the rate there growing there's a feeling of Jack and the Bean Stalk in the Garden, Need to ask my son what he's been planting.

The leaves are stiff, spikey and very fleshy once cut and seem to die off once damaged.

There were lots of dried, dead leaves at the base last year that i cleared away and bothe plants seem to have dired out a lot since doing that, exposed them maybe. We'll see what happens with the flowers and survival rate.

Thank you once again for your time and information.

Wood Always Works

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Re: Yucca Plant/Tree

Hi i have yuccas and to tidy up the spent footage I just rip it off till nearly nude comes back bigger and stronger in about a month they are a tough plant ideal for arid regions. Happy gardening hun.

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