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What to do in the garden in March

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Re: What to do in the garden in March

Hi all, well what a brute of a summer and in SA it still is. Just going through another heatwave, day 7 and counting. All my plans for the vege garden are on hold, but I’m itching to get in. I’m going to see if I can grow all my own vege seedlings this season, so will start seeding each month for a continuous supply. Still picking tomatoes, capsicums are sweeter than ever, green beans, chills, bortelli beans and glorious basil at the moment. Shade structures have been the Life line of the garden this summer. I am planning to build more!
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Re: What to do in the garden in March

We're enjoying a cooler day down here in Melbourne after a scorching week. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will help the fireys get on top of the bushfires out east. Unfortunately we didn't get any rain last night with the cool change so our water tank is getting low. Fortunately we've been managing to keep the garden looking good and the vegies productive. We've had plenty of cucumbers, chillis, mint, basil and jalepenos, and there's lots of capscicum nearly ready. 




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Re: What to do in the garden in March

Hi @Jason@Grub80 

The weather has been so hot here (Vic) over the last few weeks and summer overall that it's good to get a few cooler days and some relief for the plants that are still producing.

We went away for a fortnight and the daughter couldn't keep the water up to a lot of my pots in the heat and I've lost a lot of cuttings that were coming on strong and the climbing beans and tomato plants were hit pretty hard. My chillies survived and the carrots. I had already picked the pumpkins and set them aside to ripen fully. 

I'm getting plenty of chillies and tomatoes now and have harvested about six kilo's of beans and what's left will be next seasons seeds for planting. 

Will start pickling the exess for a supply over winter.

We need plenty of RAIN badly. We've only had 14mm so far this year where our average is about 106mm at this time of the year 



Cheers @bergs 

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