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Use coffee grounds in the garden

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Use coffee grounds in the garden

Coffee grounds make a great addition to any garden and can be used in a number of ways. Using spent coffee grounds also helps reduce landfill which is great for the environment.


Coffee Grounds for your Compost (best way to use your grounds)


  1. Adds nitrogen to your compost
  2. Can throw in paper filters as well (if anybody still does this)
  3. Apply thin layers of grounds into your compost bin, heap or tumbler or dig them in
  4. Don’t apply too much - < 20% volume


Coffee grounds on your Garden


  1. Great for adding nutrients and organic matter into your garden which improves drainage, nutrient uptake and helps promote earthworms and improves water holding capacity
  2. Place thin layers on the garden or dig into the soil – 1 bag per meter2 (assuming say 1 litre bag)
  3. Unwashed coffee grounds an be used to lower pH of soils for acid loving plants
  4. Don’t apply too much <2.5% coffee grounds by volume


Other uses for Coffee Grounds in the garden


  1. Snail and Slug repellent - works well as a natural snail and slug repellent when placed as a border around susceptible plants
  2. Cat deterrent – grounds have been known to deter cats from using the areas where located as a litter box
  3. Worm Food – great for Vermicomposting (worm farms)
  4. Mulch – use thin layers if you have enough as a mulch in your garden (no more than .5cm deep so it doesn’t form a ‘cake’ layer which may become impervious)



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Re: Don't throw away those coffee grounds

I bet it hypes up the worms.... wriggle little wormy 🐍
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Re: Don't throw away those coffee grounds

@robchin On a side-note all Bunnings stores which have a cafe, are more than happy to box and give away their used coffee grounds. So if anyone would like to try the benefits listed above feel free to drop in, I know my store is always happy to see them go to good use.

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