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Tree timber borders

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Tree timber borders

Hi everyone.....Diana here from Penrith......rather than pay a handyman to do this for me can  anyone give me some SIMPLE suggestions on how to do timber/sleeper borders around my 2 fig trees to stop the birds from biting into the figs .....then I need some sort of support system to put bird meshing over......ANY simple suggetions will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much

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Re: Tree timber borders

Bird netting


That should be supported by your fig trees and pegged into the ground.


Treated pine sleepers


If your going just 1 row high I would use -


Coach srew


Or as an alternative -


Sleeper peg


If you must have a frame -


Metric 2 x 4


Could use coach screws or batten screws.


Not all sleepers are created equal, it pays to pick and choose carefully for as straight and twist free as you can get.


You will also need a drill and or impact driver, nutsetter/impact bits and as a beginer a drill bit/s for pilot holes.



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Re: Tree timber borders

Hi @bambi,


A very warm welcome to Workshop. Many thanks for joining the community. I hope you receive plenty of fantastic advice and inspiration for this project and many others in future from our community members. 


You might be interested in this previous Workshop discussion - Tips or advice for growing fig trees in which members like @CathM and @darylhewston share their experiences. 


There's also information on how to install garden edging around a tree on the Bunnings website that you might find useful. I will attach the video below.



Thanks again for joining in the discussion. Please let me know if you need a hand getting the most from the site.





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Re: Tree timber borders



Can I please ask a potentially stupid question because I'm curious? How would borders around the trees stop the birds? Or is just for attaching the nets to?

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