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Removing old retaining wall.

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Removing old retaining wall.


I have an old retaining wall that needs replacing. My question is how quickly do you have to install the new retaining wall after digging it out? I've had quotes by professional landscapers and probably about half the cost is for them to manually God it out. The space is too cramped for mechanical diggers.



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Re: Removing old retaining wall.

I would go with ASAP.


Longer you leave it the greater the risk of collaspe becomes.


Important to get the founation and drainage right as they are a couple of the big fail points for retaining walls.


I would put this sort of job in the quote high in the hope someone beats you easily catergory.

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Re: Removing old retaining wall.

What height is the wall retaining and what is the wall made from?
To give any answer without knowing either of those is impossible...for instance if you are retaining 300mm high sand with a single brick wall then that is entirely different to a retaining wall 900mm high using limestone blocks...? With no offence intended I don't think commenting on foundations and drainage is relevant without the above knowledge.
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Re: Removing old retaining wall.

The height of the wall is 600 mm and towards one end it tapers down to ground level. It is made from wood. Parts of it is nearly rotted away.
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Re: Removing old retaining wall.

Last year we had to get some retaining walls built and used experts. It was expensive but as Brad suggests, its hard work. Perhaps you could reduce the price by offering your own services as a labourer on the job?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Removing old retaining wall.

Hi @Lukebrea,


Just wondering whether you've made any progress with removing and replacing the retaining wall? If you're still after some advice, perhaps adding a photo to this discussion might help community members see what you are dealing with. 





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