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Regrow spring onions

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Regrow spring onions

Did you know you can regrow spring onions? Even those you buy from the store?


When you cut them, leave the roots and about 1-2cm of the white stalk. Pop them into a container with a little bit of water making sure the stem is out of the water. In a few days the onion should start to grow again. Once you have some growth, pop them in some soil - either a pot or the garden is fine - and water in well. Keep it watered and in about a month the spring onion should be ready to harvest again.



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Re: Regrow spring onions

I didn't know that. Will give it a try.

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Re: Regrow spring onions


The white tip on the spring onion is the onion. We use all of this and the green leaves in a salad, or if I'm in the garden, I pinch off the roots, wipe it and eat the rest, straight out of the ground.


I know some people only use the leaves of the onion to colour up their salad.


It is interesting that it does grow though, much the same as the kids planting a carrot head on the window sill and it sprouting.


How long does it take to grow the leaves back ready to use again? 

It's a good way of keeping your stock growing without having to wait for seed or seedlings to grow to size.


My sister cuts all the white off the Springies and only uses the green. She tosses them out so she is not using the onion itself. What waste!



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Re: Regrow spring onions

There are many vegetables that regrow. You can find more information here -
With the carrot, only leaves regrow out of a carrot tip, the carrot itself will never regrow again. More a fun thing to do for the kids, than trying to get a meal out of it.
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Re: Regrow spring onions

The same for a potatoes,trim under the eye,or dimple on thre spud.Plant it under the moist soil say 20 cm and in a few weeks the potato will start to grow.

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