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Raised Garden Beds (Installation and Surrounds)

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Raised Garden Beds (Installation and Surrounds)

I have 2 corregated raised garden beds (that I have just taken back from an ant colony) however when I installed them, I put newspaper down and left grass around them.


I am now looking for what is best to put around them (dont want to spend an arm and leg). I want something that I can easily wipper snipper around the edge of. Weather it be a wood boarder and filled with woodchips, rocks, etc. or pavers.


Area is about 2m x 8m with the gardens taking up a fair bit of this. (I think they are about 2.4 x .9)


Thanks in advance

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Re: Raised Garden Beds (Installation and Surrounds)

Hi @Canolice,


With our beds I wasn't happy with snipping against the wood so I put down a single layer of pavers against the bed.  This serves 2 purposes of preserving the timber of the beds but also assists the mower.  I also put in some 12v uplights and this gives the garden some nice ambience at night.



Hope this helps




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Re: Raised Garden Beds (Installation and Surrounds)

Thanks for sharling Daryl. Yours looks great. Mine are a little different to that. I should get out there tomorrow and take a photo to share, so you get the idea of mine. Thanks again.

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Re: Raised Garden Beds (Installation and Surrounds)

I'm sure other Workshop members will have suggestions for you @Canolice.


Other Workshop members that have raised garden beds include @John44@RodAndo@timjeffries@Brad and @Annette.



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