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Introduce myself

Budding Contributor

Introduce myself

Hi everyone.

i live in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. Our soil here is very sandy and poor in nutrition. I look forward to joining in and learning  more about gardening. There is always lots to learn.



Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Introduce myself

Welcome to Workshop @Flower24. It's great to have you as part of the community. I'm sure you will find plenty of like-minded gardeners here on Workshop.


Here's some posts that you might be interested in:





I'm looking forward to you joining in the discussion. Please let me know if you need a hand getting the most from the site.  



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Re: Introduce myself

Hi @Flower24.

As well as what @Jason said above, check out some of the alternative growing methods such as the Aquaponics and Vertical Garden threads to get around poor soil.

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