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Indoor herbs

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Indoor herbs

Hi, Paul here.


Just wondering if it's possible to grow herbs indoors? I live in an apartment and want to grow some herbs in my kitchen.


Warmest regards,



Community Manager Jason
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Re: Indoor herbs

Hi @paul, welcome to Workshop. It's great to have you as part of the community.


I'm sure there are many people who are also interested in growing herbs indoors. 


Fortunately, it is possible. You just need plenty of natural bright light (but not full sun). You'll also need a pot that drains well so the roots don't rot, and to use high quality organic potting mix.  You're also better off starting with full plants if you can rather than growing from seedlings.  


Hopefully others in the community can share their experiences of growing herbs indoors.



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Re: Indoor herbs

Do have have a balcony Paul? You will probably have more like going your herbs outside on a balcony, nomatter how small, just as long as it gets plenty of light. 

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Re: Indoor herbs

I would also welcome tips on which herbs might work better than others when grown inside. I like the idea of having them in the kitchen ready to use!

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