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Indoor Trees

New Contributor

Indoor Trees

I absolutly love the idea of having a tree in my living room ....


Indoor Tree.jpg

But I'm really concerned about the mess, and also would it even survive???

Does anyone have any advice on the best plant variety to try? or maybe how to get this look on a smaller scale .... 

Plus tips on how to do it without ruining the floors?


Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Indoor Trees

Hi @Stephanie


Welcome to Workshop. It's great to have you as part of the community and I look forward to reading about your projects.


A tree in your living room like this would certainly be a bold statement and a conversation piece! I wonder whether @Branchy249 might have some advice for you on a plant to try.





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Re: Indoor Trees

I have a medium sized Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in my lounge which I love. They are quite expensive ($120 +) but look great!


They need a nice sunny spot - I have mine in a north-facing door and it is thriving. 


I don't have a photo of mine, but you will probably recognise them from home magazines and blogs...



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