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Herbs to grow for chickens to eat

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Herbs to grow for chickens to eat

Any suggestions  herbs to grow for chooks to peck.

putting together raised garden bed for my herbs....

just love the smell of fresh herbs....

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Re: Herbs to grow for chickens to eat

I don't have chooks @Mindy so Googled as I was interested to find out. This article was the top result -


I would certainly encourage you to at least grow Lavender, mint and parsley - they are all very easy to grow and lovely for other uses too. I can't imagine not having parsley and mint in the garden. If you get some seedlings in at this time of year they should flourish. 

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Herbs to grow for chickens to eat

Interesting topic! 


Some other Workshop members that have experience with backyard chickens include @lvdm50, @timjeffries, @Darren, @Jackson and @Blawson. They might be able to add to @greygardener's advice.



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