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Help needed for lime tree growth

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Help needed for lime tree growth

my lime tree not growing 

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Re: lime tree

Hi @kiengkenglim - could you supply more information - for example, what type of lime tree and where do you live? And perhaps a picture of your lime tree? Oh, and welcome! Cheers Deb :smile:

Community Manager Jason
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Re: lime tree

Hi @kiengkenglim,


Welcome to Workshop. We trust that you'll get loads of helpful advice and inspiration for your projects around the house and garden from our amazing members. 


As Deb mentioned, our members will need a lot more information to help on this one. Generally the more specific you can be, the more helpful and specific the advice you'll receive in return. Photos are particularly useful for members to help diagnose problems and see what you are working with.


This might also be a good starting point for you - - most of the advice for lemons is applicable for limes, as the lovely Noelle mentioned here - 


Thanks again for joining us,





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