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Hebel in the garden.

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Hebel in the garden.

Hi everyone,


A quick thought I had and question for all those DIY gardeners/builder handy folk. I have seen it done once before but I am struggling to find many ideas on how to go about using Hebel Block as garden planters in a small yard come courtyard. My thinking was that it is quite easy to work with and I was wanting a product that I could easily manipulate. If I want the face of the planters to have shape like a carved design or just geometric shapes on the face to add a subtle design rather than just flat bricks. Any thoughts? Tips on what to do or more to the point what not to do? Has anyone used this material for the same use that they could share their experiences and resultsIMG_0770.JPG?

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Re: Hebel in the garden.



I hadn't heard of Hebel before but it seems that it is very easy to work with. There's some DIY projects here that seem quite achievable for the average punter -


A Google search also showed some people teaching how to carve it -


@autumn79 might also be interested in it as a material for a garden barrier wall. 

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Re: Hebel in the garden.

Thanks for the links I'll have a look. I have carved a few garden statues from it. It is really easy to work with just messy and in need of a serious mask 😷. 

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Re: Hebel in the garden.

I'm sure the Workshop community would be keen to see the garden statues you have carved @AJM. Perhaps you could upload a few photos here or post on the gallery?


I should also say congrats on making your first Workshop post! It's great to have you join in the discussion. I hope that other Workshop members have some experience with Hebel that they can share with you. I wonder whether some of our woodworkers like @AndrewJones@Wayne@Brad, @She_Skills and @darylhewston might also have some suggestions for you from using similar carving techniques? 


Good luck with the project,



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