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Garden Tools Transport Trolley

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Garden Tools Transport Trolley


My wife wants me to construct a trolley for all her gardening tools. This is so she can take all her tools with her when gardening so she doesn't have to keep going back to the shed. Has anyone built one or can suugest how to go about it.



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Re: Garden Tools Transport Trolley



Do you mean big tools like shovels and rakes or little hand tools like secateurs and weeding forks?


Would this work?

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Re: Garden Tools Transport Trolley

I'm talking about large garden tools, rake spade hoe etc. I can always add a small box for hand tools.
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Re: Garden Tools Transport Trolley

@placidarc, if you have a hand trolley (sack truck), lash the tools to it with bungee cords.


To stop the tools from falling through the open aluminium platform of the trolleys listed below, cut PVC tubes to length for the handles to slip into, & cap them on one end.


150mm PVC tubing


End caps


If you don't have a sack truck, one of these may be handy, & they both fold up when they're not needed:


We have this Folding trolley (we love it), but this Larger wheeled Trolley, would be better in boggy soil.






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Re: Garden Tools Transport Trolley



Hooks and rail for big and small items.


I have a plastic tray cart with the tray tipable, either option looks fine as a base to work from.


Frame you could look at timber, it could range from a farmers type fix to fine furniture depending on your tools available and your skill level, steel tubing using joining plates if you don't want to weld and aliminimum tube with push in connectors.


I would center the load as the cart has a low center of gravity and the top can get a rough ride from it.

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