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Fast growing trees or shrubs?

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Fast growing trees or shrubs?

I need some help choosing the right trees for our garden. Last year we were planning to extend our back deck and removed a row of wattles that lined both our fence and deck. Plans have changed and we are now looking to reinstate these and plant some fast growing yet still good looking trees or shrubs. Our garden consists of mainly wattles and gum trees so we are wanting to work with these. Any suggestions?

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Re: Fast growing trees or shrubs?



You might like to look at some of the suggestions in this previous discussion - Alternative to a conifer for screening


@Branchy249 in particular had some great suggestions and might like to elaborate further for you.



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Re: Fast growing trees or shrubs?

Where are you based @Gwandalan_Tales? And what type of soil do you have?


We recently put some crabapple trees in along a fenceline which look great when they are more mature. 

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Re: Fast growing trees or shrubs?

Most common recommendation that you will hear is pittosporum as they are so fast growing: up to a metre a year. But not to everyone's taste. Did you want something that you can hedge? Do you need privacy? Need to cover/hide anything?

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Re: Fast growing trees or shrubs?

Yes, so many choices so some more detail is needed. 



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