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Creeping Fig

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Creeping Fig

My enighbours have a tennis court on the border of our properties, and someone along the line has figured it's a bright idea to plant creeping fig on it. It's going crazy, and the regular butchering isn't working. 


So my question is, what's the best way to effectively kill creeping fig?


If you want to see what I mean, here it is a link to picture. Look at the top tier. It's driving me nuts.

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Re: Creeping Fig

Have you talked to your neighbour? I'm sure Roundup would kill it but are you looking to kill it on both sides of the fence or just control it on your side (which looks like it will be very tough!)

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Re: Creeping Fig



I'm not quite sure where the creeper is from your photo? And as @Isobel said, do you have your neighbour's permission to kill it entirely?


I can sympathise if they want to keep it - if that's the case then I imagine it's going to be an ongoing problem for you. We have a similar issue with neighbours trees dropping a lot of leaves and berries that stain our concrete, and the trees have now got too high for me to attack. 

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