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Can someone help whats would be the easiest way to dismantle a pallet I cant afford $90..00 for the tool that yes would work well, ideas are all over youtube but some still need expensive tools that may only be used a couple times 

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Re: pallets

Two variations of the same theme -

He does choke the hammer a bit.


I think this is our @She_Skills

Being critical she could of used a bigger hammer...


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Re: pallets

I use a fairly large head rubber mallet (increases surface area so more effective ad decreases risk of breaking wood), have a claw hammer on hand to pull out any stubborn nails. Depending on how well it all comes apart and what I'm using the pallet for, I have also run down the sides with a circular saw (a jigsaw would also work). Keep the scraps for kindling.

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Re: pallets



In addition to all the great pallet projects shared on the Workshop Gallery recently, you might be interested in this previous discussion for pallet project ideas.



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