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Tools - what's your preference?

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Tools - what's your preference?

Do you prefer to work with new tools or old ones? Do you always go for the best brands or go with the best value/price?

For me, generally I like to work with newer tools with the latest features. Although I love an old school drill and drop saw I've got. But I've also got a newer Makita drill which I find hard not to use.

I've inherited a few things from my old man which just haven't needed updating so keep pushing them til they give up on me. He used to do labour in exchange for tools instead of money as a kid and he still works with a lot of things he picked up way back in the day.
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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

Good topic @ProjectPete!


I've got a lot of hand-me-downs and can understand when an old tool becomes a cherished favourite. My grandfather had some beautiful tools in his workshed. But I reckon there's nothing like a new tool, particularly in the powered variety. I love a bargain but for larger purchases I prefer to pay a little more for something that will last a long time - that's how you get the best value for money.    



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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

I'm a big fan of using older tools when it comes to hand tools like a screwdriver or wrench. It probably sounds a bit cliched, but they really don't make them like they used to.


When it comes to power tools though, I prefer to use new tools with the latest technology. I also tend to go for the higher quality brands as I want to be able to rely on my tool to be working when I need it to be.

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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

I'm interested to hear how many people share their tools with others. I like the concept of pooling resources and sharing because they obviously spend most of their time unused in the garage, but then the idea of someone else using and stuffing up my tools or lawnmower or whatever makes me prickly. 


I'm particularly interested in the hack or maker spaces that are starting to pop up. It certainly would be cool to have access to really expensive gear like 3D printers and laser cutters. Here's a Melbourne one - 

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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

Anyone got any of these in their garage?





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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

Kermit, I buy & love using quality tools, but I don't use them all at once, so they're mostly idle. I have no problems offering them to friends & neighbours, but amazingly, the uptake is low. The risk of catastrophic damage is miniscule, they're built to work all day, & under arduous conditions, so no part time handyman is going to push them to breaking point.

My take on buying quality tools, is that because they're such a joy to use, they pay for themselves in no time, sometimes on first use.

I've been retired for 16 years, constantly fixing & tweaking things around the house, & only enlisted the services of (supposed) pros 3 times, & each time I've had to fix their botch ups.

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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

In the past I had always loaned my tools to friends, the thing is I have lost so many tools because people haven't returned them and I have even had arguments over ownership when I have seen one of my tools in use at someones home years later. Additionally, I find people that borrow tools often treat them with disregard because they aren't their own, they will try and perform tasks that the tool was not designed for
I now have a policy of not loaning tools full stop, if I am seen as pigheaded or unkind well so be it! Tools aren't cheap.

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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

On you Wayne. I was a contractor and always had the tool someone needed.

It didn' mater at work or at home the people you lend tools to and break or destroy them always seem to not want to replace them or have them repaired. "How do I know how long it would have lasted" was one bosses reply after begging me for a lone of a quality grinder over a weekend came back without the grinder telling me exactly that. His father owned the company.

I try not to lend or when someone asks point blank to refuse, but I'm weak and always lend so more fool me. 

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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

@Wayne & @John1


Fair enough guys for refusing to hand over tools to people when you've both been kicked in the teeth & disrespected, I'd do the same.

I've only had a Bosch plane that I'd lent to a workmate return with a few dings in the blades, & he was very apologetic about it. Strangely, when I told him not to stress out over it, as my attitude is that it's a work tool, & that sorta thing could've happened to me anyway, he got mildly agro.

I mean, how was I supposed to react?

It's a strange world out there.


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Re: Tools - what's your preference?

I love getting tools from op shops.
You can pick up great screwdrivers, chisels and files from there. They are usually of better quality than those picked up at a hardware store and have great character.
But I have got a few double ups of powertools and handtools.
My good ones never get lent out, but my cheapies I don't mind so much.

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