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Shed conversion

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Shed conversion

OK so huge job ahead of me but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Any suggestions on how I can insulate an existing 10 x 12 shed & what I should use ?

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Re: Shed conversion

Hi @Woodleigh
Seriously, It depends on it's use, more information required
If it is habitable ie, office, you may need an energy report, planning approvals, Code compliance, etc

Check with your Council. hth

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Shed conversion

Hi @Woodleigh,


Welcome to Workshop. It's fantastic to have you join us and we trust that you'll receive loads of helpful advice and inspiration from our community for this project and many others to come in the future. Please feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have something to share.


Could you tell us what you plan on using the shed for? It might help our members provide more useful advice. 


You might be particularly interested in @TheSaltyreefer's recent project here -


And this new workshop and garage build by @Seaton -






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Re: Shed conversion

Hi, just had a look at thesaltyreefer...WOW !
I'm keeping a third of the shed for my tools, toys etc. but want to use the other two thirds for weekend accommodation. It gets fiercely hot in summer & perishingly cold in winter.
I'm not trying to make a "boutique" living space.
I spoke to council & they said so long as I didn't have an oven/fully functioning kitchen then I didn't have to do full a DA - just an "alteration to existing building application". So I can put a bathroom and microwave in there, ideally Id like to put in a loft as the shed centre is high.
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Re: Shed conversion

Hi dear. I've found quite a good article which can be useful for you and will help you to choose the right and proper way to insulate your shed. If you're interested please go over the following link

Hope this information will be helpful for you. 

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